Basement Waterproofing is not a “one size fits all” business. The experts at Bonded rely on 30 years experience waterproofing thousands of homes and businesses to know exactly what you do and don’t need.


Why do I have unwanted water in my house? Read this for an explanation of the most common reasons for water penetration into your home and crawlspaces and what you can do about it.


Pumps, Sumps, and Chumps! Read why advances in pumps and pump technology are your best reason to revisit the situation in your basement. Battery backed or water pressure powered pumps keep working even when the power goes out!


The scary thing about mold isn’t the mold you see in your home: it’s the mold you don’t. BONDED specializes in finding and removing hidden mold infestations with the most cost effective yet complete solution for getting rid of it, permanently.

  • "Thank you for the opportunity to finance the work at my house especially with no interest! The work was very satisfactory and the workman very polite and thorough..."–Linda Rocco, Hartford CT

  • "We obtained an estimate from another company that was more than THREE TIMES the amount quoted to us by Bonded – and they did not include half of the amenities that your company did..."–Aaron Sussman

  • "We cannot even begin to tell you how happy we are with the investment! The recent 2 feet of snow and subsequent rain and melting due to warm temperatures have proven beyond a shadow of the doubt how superior Bonded’s system truly is. Our basement is completely dry!"–John & Nancy Pergler, Woodbridge NJ

  • "Your system has kept my basement as dry as a coyote’s bones out in the Mohave Desert!"–Jody & Earl Tompkins, Sleepy Hollow NY